How to Afford Eating Clean, Healthy Food


For most of us, appearance is important. We spend loads of time and money having our nails polished, hair done. We constantly go shopping for cosmetics, clothes and accessories.

Not only appearance, we make choices to make other aspects of life better.

When it comes to food, for some reason, we make the poorest choices.

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Are we not concerned with how our body conditions? Do we not know about the dangers of not eating healthy? I am quite certain this is not the case. We were taught in school, learnt from commercial ads and social media, and also professionals. Yet, we continue consuming cheap junk, packing calories and overloading ourselves with chemicals, carbs and fat that make us sick.

Eating unhealthy is not an ignorance, it is a choice.

Why do we eat so much processed, packaged unhealthy food?

There are a few reasons.

One of them is that unprocessed food are usually costly.

Can’t argue about that. It is true that the produce, meat, fish and poultry are a few times more expensive at health food stores than in regular supermarkets. But, have you thought about this? People willingly accumulate debts by buying new cars, huge flat screen TVs, home movie centers and other stuff that is supposed to make us feel good.

I am sure that you can see that there actually is a way to carve out the money for buying fresh, clean and occasionally organic food. I am not saying you can’t buy new clothes or catch up with friends at the coffee shop. You can eat healthily without missing the simple pleasures of life or holidays.

What I do suggest is to reconsider your spending habits.

Make a list of your monthly expenses and make significant changes. Save money whenever possible. Instead of buying an expensive, new car, buy a used one, for which you’ll pay lesser monthly payments and the insurance.

Change your mindset with regard to food choices as well. Instead of buying your lunch out, bring your own to work. Stop eating highly processed snack. By the way, if you perform a simple price comparison, you will see that, pound for pound, some items are way more expensive than the real fresh food.

Another reason people eat lots of processed and packaged food is they can’t cook. There are thousands of online cooking videos available. And I am sure there must be a cooking classes in your local adult school or community center. Or you can turn to your family members, friends for help.

LIFE IS ABOUT MAKING CHOICES. Take time to think about it. Reconsider what matters to us the most: our health and the welfare of our family.